1. entangledrootspress:

    New print:    Maize

    Linoleum block print on chip board.

    6” x 8.75”


  2. (Source: bapesma)

  3. Edition is almost ready for Second State Press 3rd anniversary print exchange! Next Thursday come out and bid on some prints!

  4. Looking for a perfect inexpensive homemade gift? I have been a very busy lady, hats, scarves, headbands! All this and more will be available at the SpArc Holiday Shop, December 6, 7 & 9 at PDDC! Want something specific? Message me or email me’ siobhankoslap@gmail.com @sparcphilly

  5. New maps

  6. The copper taste of fatigue #VSCOcam

  7. "Tea Conversation" ink on paper 2013

  8. #philadelphia #fireworks #bugbiteseverywhere

  9. My view at work. Probably just burning wires in a old dryer. #philadelphia #northphilly #scraplife

  10. My scenic drive to work. #philthadelphia